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A 'hole' lot of problems for Morton bike trail

MORTON, Ill. - Hundreds of people use the Morton bike trail along U-S 150 on a daily basis, but with Wednesday morning's heavy rain, that's all about to change.

The heavy downpour caused a portion of the trail to erode and because of that, a hole now interrupts the flow of the trail.

"The ground that's underneath the bike trail has eroded and washed away, and that left a void underneath the bike trail that then allowed it to sink down," says Joel Dickerson, executive director at Morton Park District.

Dickerson also says that the trail is closed to all traffic. 

"We have barricades at both ends as well as caution tape blocking off the area," says Dickerson. "It is not safe to be on it, it is not safe to walk on, ride a bike on, everybody needs to stay clear of this area." 

In the meantime, Morton Park District will work with IDOT to fix the problem.  

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