A lot of “Healthy” foods might not be so good for you

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BLOOMINGTON, Ill. — As the new year begins so do many lifestyle changes and lots of us will try to implement a healthier diet.

However, not all health foods are created equal.

“You really have to be careful with what you’re eating, the new year brings a lot of new foods to the market and paying attention to the labels is gonna be really important,” said Registered Dietitian at Bloomington’s Hyvee, Dawn Blocklinger.

Blocklinger says people buy things like yogurt, packaged oatmeal, and protein powders to shed pounds. But some of these items contain more sugar than you might think.

“The sugar content for instance on yogurt can vary from no added sugar all the way to 32 grams of sugar per serving,” said Blocklinger. “We always prefer as dietitians that you focus on greek yogurt, greek yogurt usually has twice the protein.”

Blocklinger also suggests making your own granola to avoid added sugar.

Oatmeal companies are now adding more protein to their products which can be appealing, but be wary.

“Protein often times comes with added sugar, so when there’s a flavoring there’s gonna come sugar even if there’s protein added,” said Blocklinger. “There are packets of oatmeal that are just plain and then you’re in control in how much sweetener you can add.”

Flavored protein powders often contain added ingredients and sweeteners, but there is an alternative.

“I actually recommend using an unflavored protein powder that way you can use it in a sweet product or a savory,” said Blocklinger.

in general, Blocklinger says the average American is not eating enough fruits and vegetables. She says we should be eating five to seven servings a day.

“Those are the things that not only have macronutrients, but we need to look at the micronutrients too. those are the things that carry all the antioxidants, things that prevent disease, help us lose weight as well,” said Blocklinger.

If the new year has you wanting to live a healthier lifestyle, next time you’re at the grocery store make sure to read those labels cleary and look out for added sugar.

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