A new firehouse may be coming to the South Side of Peoria

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PEORIA, Ill. — The last firehouse was built 20 years ago. Now, city leaders say a new fire station could be coming to the southside of Peoria.

On Tuesday, city council members will vote on whether to buy land on Southwestern.

Peoria Fire Department Assistant Chief, Tony Ardis said moving their station from Jefferson to the South Side will be beneficial to both neighbors and firefighters.

This new location will reduce response times and create a better working environment for those who save lives every day.

Ardis said taking care of people in need is all they really care about, but added that they would appreciate a new firehouse since the one on Jefferson isn’t in the best condition.

“There are some major structural issues with the current station floor it’s the oldest station in the city,” Ardis said.

He also mentioned that city leaders feel it would be a waste of money to constantly put money into fixing the building rather than creating an entirely new development.

Also, Adis said that several studies have shown that the new location would reduce response times.

“Fire doubles in size every 90 seconds and the clock starts as soon as that fire starts, when you factor in call handling time, travel time and then getting on the scene it’s imperative that we get there as quickly as we possibly can,” he said.

Councilwoman Denise Moore said they have been looking to get this done for a long time. She said the oldest structures that most susceptible to fire are on the South Side.

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