A new hotel could be coming to Normal, but town leaders may be against the idea

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The Normal Planning Commission is deciding whether a plot of land in town will be a good spot for a new hotel.

The developers from Steve Horve Builders are planning on building an H2 hotel.

For years now the council has discussed the thought of placing a hotel on the north side of town but these are the first developers to make concrete plans. 

The developers know they want to build a hotel here but they’ve have made it clear they want incentives from the Town of Normal. 

However, earlier this week, Mayor Chris Koos was quoted saying town leaders are against giving incentives for the project. He said “The town does not have a strategic interest in a hotel on that spot, especially given the current hotel climate.”

But planning commission member Mike Matejka says the council and the developers will have to worry about way more than just incentives.

“I think things the council will have to consider besides incentives is how many hotel rooms are in the community already,” said Matejka. “Is another hotel needed? Also If the sight plan is approved, the developer can build it, but whether or not they think they’ve got enough traffic to sustain another hotel in town is another question. That’s something they are going to have to answer in their own business plan. Then the council will have to look at, if any economic incentives are needed for that.”

Matejka went on to say, because the planning commission passed the hotel plan, its now the council’s turn to make the final decision on whether this deal will go through.

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