PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) – $45,000 check is going towards the restoration of a downtown Peoria sculpture.

The sculpture can be seen on Fulton Street between City Hall and the Civic Center. The Sculpture, called Sonar Tide, was built in 1983 by Ronald Bladen.

It was Bladen’s last large-scale public piece, and local artists have said it hasn’t been touched in 40 years. One of the two art professors at Bradley University said they got to work one month ago and so far have clocked in more than 300 hours.

“Knowing that Peoria has this landmark… and finding out that it was going to be… that it needed to be restored was just a great opportunity for myself and Jackie Willis,” said Bradley University art professor Fisher Stolz.

Peoria’s past president of The Junior League said there’s much to learn about the significance of this sculpture.

“It was talked about as being a pivotal piece for Peoria and showing the potential that Peoria had with also ties with its history and now after we have just survived the pandemic seems like a good time to re-educate people,” said The Peoria Junior League former President Andrea Tortora.