Procedure helps one Twin Cities woman battle the pain of cancer treatment

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NORMAL, Ill. (WMBD) — A Twin Cities woman diagnosed with breast cancer years ago, says she now can finally live pain-free.

Four years ago Cory Kreitzer was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer, and found herself in pain every day she woke up. Searching for something to ease it, her husband rushed her to the emergency room, where physicians gave her powerful opioids.

But the drugs weren’t cutting it, she says it was hard to function with all the pills, so she did her research and decided to try something else.

“Dr. Benyamin came through and truly was the light at the end of the tunnel for her,” said David Kreitzer, Cory’s Husband. “During that period of time, we did not know what else that she could do.”

Cory kritzer has metastatic breast cancer, meaning despite chemotherapy and radiation she can’t be cured.

“When you’re first diagnosed, you think your life is over,” said Cory. “The ‘C’ word is scary and you just think, this is it.”

She says as the years passed, she was given three different treatments. Each had their own side effects, but they all had one in common, chronic pain. Luckily, her personal doctor had an idea.

Dr. Ramsin Benyamin, Medical Director for the Millennium Pain Center in Bloomington says OsteoCool targets where a tumor has infiltrated bone, and destroys it. That space is then filled with bone cement, which solidifies the area.

 “To be able to relieve pain that way, through this procedure was awesome,” said Cory. “I’ve had it done three times, because it was so benficial to me, but not alot of people know about it.”

Dr. Benyamin says not everyone has Cory’s story but everyone should have a chance to feel relief.

“The future is now, and we have the treatments that can help not only improve the quality of life, but also somehow fight the opioid crisis that we have been facing recently,” said Dr. Benyamin.

Cory is still getting chemotherapy and radiation, but her family is happy she can go through it without any pain.

“We know that with this cancer, it is going to be forever,” said David. “It’s not just going to go away, but to know that we can cure the pain and not have to rely on something to bandaid that, is a big deal.”

Cory says if you or anyone you know with cancer is experiencing large amounts of pain. Tell them to contact the Millennium Pain Center immediately, because its a procedure you’ll want to learn about.

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