PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — A new sculpture was revealed at Donovan Park Sculpture Garden, Saturday, Oct. 2, completing the first set of six installations in the newly dedicated garden.

The sculpture, “About Angels,” is by renowned Peorian artist, Preston Jackson, and stands 14 feet tall. The sculpture was unveiled with the help of Peoria Park District leaders and the Midwest Central Young Marines.

A volunteer with the sculpture garden, Bruce Brown, said five of the six sculptures are going to be replaced every two years. He said he hopes the garden attracts people to Peoria and exposes the community to more art.

“Art appreciation through acupuncture,” Brown said. “You don’t feel the needle going in, and you doing feel it coming out, but you have the appreciation afterwards. So it’s creating points of interest, it’s creating an environment where you can come here and enjoy the morning or the whole day.”

Brown said the garden was privately funded by donations.

Park District leaders said the garden will also include a pollinator prairie garden in the future.