PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — An active structure fire at Victory Church in Bloomington was keeping several fire departments busy Monday afternoon.

Located on Route 150 in Bloomington, the church is just more than a mile away from George Evans Junior High School.

The extent of damage to the building is unknown at this time.

Multiple fire departments have responded to the fire, including Bloomington Fire Department, Downs Fire Protection District, and Ellsworth Fire Protection District.

“We have different chiefs take care of different areas, so we spread out that span of control. There’s someone in charge of the water, there’s someone in charge of the one side of the building and then there’s the overall command taking care of it,” said Eric Davison with Bloomington Fire Department

According to Eric Davison, public information officer for Bloomington Fire Department, there are no injuries to firefighters or civilians.

Davison said the building suffered “extensive” damage and, once crews arrived at the scene, they immediately had to take a “defensive” approach to stop the blaze.

“We were in defensive mode, which means we kind of backed units out, just to make sure the structure is sound while we’re working from the outside,” Davison said. “We have most of the fire out, so we are starting to send some units in which means we’re going back on the offensive and sending units to clean up the fire.”