EAST PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — Several Tazewell County officials will gather later this week to announce planned upgrades to the Festival of Lights building to accommodate disabled voters within the county.

County Clerk John Ackerman, whose office heads up elections in Tazewell County, East Peoria Mayor John Kahl and others will hold a press conference Wednesday afternoon at the FOLEPI building, 2200 E. Washington St. to highlight the upgrades.

Funding will come from Polling Place Grants and also coincides with Disability Voter Rights Week which is this week.

The FOLEPI Building is an early voting location for county voters and is also a precinct polling location for several in Fondulac Township.

This new Polling Place Accessibility Grant will completely fund the $13,375 of improvements for the FOLEPI Building as identified by the city of East Peoria and Fondulac Township staff.

This along with other grants received by the clerk’s office to help with accessibility at the polls has totaled $28,831.