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PEORIA, Ill. — Adam White, co-owner of RC Outfitters has built his running store into a respected shop in the Peoria area and got the chance to speak with Bradley students on Thursday about his road to success, which he attributes to community involvement.

“You gotta give back and that’s a fundamental message that I always try and communicate with any group that I am presenting with giving back and helping make the community that we each call home wherever that community is must be a driving factor and wants decision making on the business side,” White said.

White also tries to focus on the little things in life to progress him forward.

“The more that I’ve been able to pull myself back to basic building blocks of being a kind, generous helpful human being and implement those fundamental concepts inside of our internal system and processes and how I try to activate those externally in a community we call home here usually translates to forward progress,” White said.

While white has found success in his business, his journey wasn’t easy.

“I lost my parents unexpectedly at a young age and that certainly threw me down a road that was not constructive decisions, I dealt with depression got myself involved with overuse of alcohol,” he said.

With time and accountability white has since moved on from his past troubles and even embraces them.

“Learning to then deal with alcoholism in and of itself in my life and my genetic disposition and how it overtook me personally, and is something I have come to not be ashamed of,” he said.

White gives many presentations a year for different organizations and says students often feel refreshed and connected with him after hearing him speak.

“I think they see me as someone who is refreshing and real,” White said. “My approach whether it be physical appearance to just the manneurisms and the way I speak and communicate with the audience is something that definitely knocks down barriers.”

White hopes to continue spreading positivity through his business to all kinds of people in the central Illinois area.

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