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After 2016 explosion, Canton church regains hope

Canton, Ill - Today the city on Canton saw something extremely rare happen at St. Mary's church.

"It's something most Catholics live their whole lives and never see.  The consecration of a church," says Daniel Janky, Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Peoria.

After a year and a half of rebuilding, the church is ready for a new start.

Daniel Ebker, Pastor Of St. Mary's says, "It's gonna be a big celebration.  To me this is just a sign that God makes good things come even from terrible things." 

Hymns bounced off the walls inside the church as the congregation sang praises.

"It's almost like the church building, not the people per se, but the church building is being born again, and of course, that's only because of the people," Ebker says.

"The real church are God's people, Christ is the head, we are His members," says Bishop Janky.
Bishop Janky says the rebuilt building has extraordinary meaning.  

"The building is to be an outwards sign to remind us of what we are called to live."
Although the explosion of 2016 brought suffering, St. Mary's wants to be a place people can come and regain their faith.

"It's kind of a light to draw people, hopefully draw them back to their faith. To see the beauty that God has given us in our faith," says Pastor Ebker.

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