After a quick start, storms last week stall farmers

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GERMANTOWN HILLS, Ill. (WMBD) –“So, pretty much we were kind of shut out of the field the whole week. We did manage to get in yesterday and get a little harvesting in yesterday, and hopefully finish corn today and get on to beans this afternoon and hopefully, if all goes well. We’ll be done with harvest by the end of this week,” said Farmer and ICC Professor Pete Fandel.

But many Illinois farmers aren’t as far along as Fandel in Germantown Hills is.

Lindsay Mitchell with the Illinois Corn Growers Association said that there is still plenty of harvesting that still needs to be done across the state.

“As of last Tuesday, the USDA reported us as 55% finished with corn harvest as a state, and last year we were 42% harvested. On a five-year average, 46% harvested, so were a little bit ahead of a normal year based on corn harvest. Soybean harvest though to give some perspective is last Tuesday we were 43% harvested and our five-year average is 45%,” said Mitchell.

Corn collection was off to a quick start at the beginning of harvest.

“The late-season, August and September, were really super dry and so the corn plant basically cannibalize the stalk to finish feeding the ear. So, then the stalks became very weak, and a lot of corn fell over, it was lodged. So, guys were really aggressive about trying to get out in the corn and getting it harvested before the whole field went flat in the ground,” said Fandel.

Last week’s showers and storms did put a wrench in harvest progress across Illinois.

Still, Mitchell says the next report should show we are about on par with where we should be.

“If we get one good week of work, which I think we’re expecting this week, I think that will bring us pretty close. We might get down to that 20% left in the field, 80% done,” said Mitchell.

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