After traveling through an icy Illinois River, tow boats face rising waters from melted ice

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When the Arctic Blast swept through Central Illinois, tow boats and barges were having difficulty traveling through the Illinois River due to the heavy amount of ice that built up.

At the time, tow boats had to push through ice to get to their destinations, but now that the ice has been melting it’s causing the waters to rise in the Illinois River.

When there is ice in the river, it can cause damage to many older boats that can disrupt traffic in the channel.
“But when the side negative effects of that we get what’s called an ice dam that’ll build up at the front of the one being pushed ahead and when that ice builds up deep enough you get an ice dam under there and it can actually ground the barge at the bottom of the riverbed,” said Daniel Wilkinson of the U.S. Coast Guard.

As the weather gets warmer, and the ice melts, boats will have a much easier time getting through the river to transport their products.

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