PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — Sunday afternoon, the Asian Indian Community Collaboration of Peoria (AICCP) held a meeting with Mayor Rita Ali to discuss how the organization can contribute to philanthropic causes throughout the city.

At Bradley University, over 60 people attended the meeting. Kamlesh Macwan, President of AICCP, said the main purpose of the meeting was to meet with Mayor Ali and provide information regarding their programs, all with the goal of collaborating with the city.

He said they also wanted feedback from Mayor Ali.

“What are the needs for Peoria that she can explain to us,” Macwan said, “and how we can connect with the city and how we can help.”

Another goal of the meeting was to bring awareness to the organization, therefore expanding its branding. Macwan said the Asian Indian population is the fastest growing demographic in the city.

“By having a purpose through AICCP allows everyone to coordinate, come together, and really help each other to drive those philanthropic activities forward,” said Board Member Nishith Sanghvi.

The event was coordinated by Kris Maillacheruvu, Assistant Dean for the Caterpillar College of Engineering at Bradley. He said as a member of the Asian Indian community, he often participates in the AICCP’s activities.

“How do we transform ourselves from being consumers to contributors?” Maillacheruvu said. “So that’s the whole transformation that we are looking at. And as an Indian community, and regardless of religion and all of these different aspects to it, that’s one thing that brings us together so that’s one of those things that we’d like to do.”

At the event, awards were also given to recognize the philanthropic deeds of members of the Asian Indian community in Peoria.

The three men said next steps include joining Mayor Ali’s smart city initiative, and working to help give aid to the 61605 area code.