Ain’t no yolk; Tremont police scrambling to find egg culprit

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TREMONT, Ill. — “Be more respectful and think about what you are doing,” said Gary Waremburg, resident of Tremont.

Over the past few weeks- the village of Tremont has been in ‘scrambles’ over eggs! And Gary Waremburg is just one of the egging victims.

“It kinda upset me a little. I was looking around and figuring out that yeah, that must be an egg because I saw that part of the shell was still stuck to the side of the car too,” said Waremburg.

Not only was the passenger door of his car egged, but the culprit managed to break a window screen on his home. What probably started as kids having fun – is actually causing more pain than good.

When you pick up that egg or whatever it is that you are throwing at a house, you have no idea who is on the other side of that door and you have no idea what it is that they are dealing with or going through in their life,” said Officer Mike Eeten of the Tremont Police Department.

Mr. Waremburg included. He’s currently recovering from a stem cell transplant with a weakened immune system. With more important things on his mind, he’d never thought he’d be speaking about someone destroying his property.

“Kids, I think they could find something better to do than destroy property, but we were always brought up that if we did anything like that we were gonna get our butts kicked when we got home,” said Waremburg.

So while he may be able to laugh it off at the end of the day – if police are able to “crack” the case.

“They actually could be arrested for a couple of different things, possible criminal damage to property, disorderly conduct , whether its city ordinance or an arrest on a state charge,” said Eeten.

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