PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD)- Nov. 17th is the opening day for the shotgun season for deer hunting, and Alwan and Sons are well underway in deer processing.

Alwan and Sons not only process the venison, but they also make steak, chops, bacon, snack sticks, breakfast sausage, and much more. With a turnaround time of about a week for raw products, they’re all hands on deck.

Pat Alwan, Co-owner of Alwan and Sons, says that when they get a big crew of about twenty people, they can process approximately 25 deer an hour. “Just for this weekend, we typically bring in 4[00]-450 [deer]. Throughout the whole season, it could go anywhere from 1000-1600.”

Alwan says that the packaging for the venison is nice enough to gift some to family and friends for the holiday season. Alwan also says that the company gives into the giving spirit with any leftovers, “If they’re in need or something, we give to that. We give to the missions, we give to the food banks, or whoever, you know, we spread it out.”

You can drop your deer off after field dressing it. All it needs is your name, number, and deer confirmation number, they’ll do the rest.