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American Red Cross hosts Summer Superhero Blood Drive

PEORIA, Ill. - During the summer months, due to schools being out and families taking their vacations, the American Red Cross loses many of its donors.

Apart from that, donors of the A, B, and O blood types are rapidly decreasing on a national scale.

To combat those issues, the Red Cross started the Missing Types Campaign that focuses on bringing in new donors and a larger variety of blood types.

On Wednesday, the Red Cross will host the Summer Super Hero Blood Drive with hopes of fulfilling those two goals.

“If [the patients] don’t have the A’s, B’s, and O’s then they’re kind of helpless," says Red Cross Employee Tony Baker, "and so we’d really enjoy those to come out.”

The blood drive will take place in the ballroom of the Pair-A-Dice Hotel from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Those who donate will receive a free Red Cross T-shirt.

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