PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD)– Your Local Weather Authority has designated Friday March 31 a Severe Weather Alert Day with possibilities of heavy wind, storms and even tornadoes.

The American Red Cross is issuing some planning tips ahead of Friday’s weather.

Brian Williamsen, communications manager with the American Red Cross, said one of the main things people should have is an emergency kit.

He said this should include items they people may already have around the house like bottled water, non perishable food, weather radios, batteries, flashlights, first aid kits, medication, and extra phones numbers just in case.

Williamsen said severe weather is unpredictable so it’s crucial to be prepared for all possibilities.

“In some cases it can be so damaging where it’s hard to even get to places,” Williamsen said. “Stores could be damaged, stores could be destroyed, services could be out so when you have those things in advance you’re at least giving yourself the best chance there in those first moments, first hours, or even the first few days after a disaster.”

He said it’s important to have safety locations in mind in the event people need to find shelter. Williamsen said people are advised to stay indoors, but if they find themselves out side they need to stay alert.

“In the event of let’s say flooding of course, you never want to drive through a flooded road, even a couple of inches of rain there could take your car away,” Williamsen said. “If a storm were to happen be alert for the possibility of down power lines, you should always assume those lines are live [and] never approach those. If you were to leave your home after a tornado, be aware that there could be things such as nails or other obstructions out there that could be dangerous.”

He said parents should make sure to practice these protocols with their children so they can follow safety procedures as well.