Anti-Diarrhea Pills, Cheap High for Addicts

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Tighter regulations on pain medications, like opiods and narcotics, have drug users searching for easier ways to obtain their high. 

Now, they’re turning to certain anti-diarrheal drugs. 

Local pharmacist Bill Kalman says that unfortunately he’s not surprised by this, but says he foresees change in the future. 

They’re easy to buy, easy to obtain and easy to ingest. 

“The nature of it though, is it works similar to drugs like pain medications,” says Bill Kalman, licensed pharmacist with Essential Wellness Pharmacy. 

We’re talking about what you may know as Imodium, more specifically Loperamide. 

“A lot more tighter controls are being done on the pain medications, opiods and narcotics,” says Kalman. “So, since there’s tighter control on those.. people who have been addicted to them to get a new high.” 

Sheriff Brian Asbell says Peoria hasn’t seen a real uptick in usage, but says it is an issue. 

“It’s something that we’re definitely monitoring,” says Sheriff Brian Asbell. “Now, it’s more of an education thing. These are things parents and friends should be looking out for.”

It takes a sizable amount to get high.

“You need 50 to 300 or sometimes maybe even 400,” says Kalman. “Probably depends on how dependent you are.”

Sheriff Asbell says you need to be aware of this trend so you can put a stop to it before it affects someone you know.

“Once you see these warning signs, they need to educate themselves first to understand that there’s some red flags here,” says Asbell. “If they see these, try to get them some help.”

These drugs are easily accessible, as they’re currently not regulated by the FDA. 

If you see someone popping these pills, question them if you suspect any odd behavior. 

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