PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD)–Three area hospitals are using modern technology to maintain a healthier hospital environment.

All three UnityPoint hospitals in Peoria and Pekin are using Swipesense, a handwashing monitoring system. The hospitals have been using the technology since 2017 and keeps track of times nurses, doctors and other personnel wash their hands when entering and exiting patients’ rooms.

UnityPoint health officials say this technology helps them cut down on hospital associated illnesses, or problems people did not come to the hospital with. These can travel on many surfaces and can vary from colds to even COVID-19.

“In the first 18 months of implementation from Swipesense we saw a 15% in the overall hand hygiene compliance forms for the hospitals and in turn lead to a 12% decrease in hospital associated infections,” said Infection Prevention Coordinator for Unity Health, Jennifer Liberty.

Liberty also says the technology has been well received by staff members at area hospitals.