LE ROY, Ill. (WMBD) — Police in the Twin Cities and surrounding communities are warning residents to check their cars at night.

According to Le Roy Police, there have been at least 24 car burglary reports within the city. Chief Jason Williamson said in most instances nothing was taken, however, valuables have been taken in a handful of reports.

Williamson said one trend in all the reports is every car was unlocked, granting the thieves easy access to the inside.

Most of the crimes have occurred in the city’s Crumbaugh subdivision, in the northeast part of town. Sharon Bader said she’s seen and heard of people falling victim to the crime.

“Le Roy is a pretty safe town and I think some people take that lightly,” Bader said. “Our practice has always been to keep our vehicles locked and just be safe.”

Bader has lived in Le Roy since 1980 and said there’s no such thing as being ‘too safe’ in this day and age.

“Neighbors watch out for each other. If we see somebody walking down the street or somebody that doesn’t look like they belong here, people in town will always bring it to someone’s attention,” Bader said.

In many instances, the suspects have been caught on camera thanks to Ring doorbells and other similar technology.

Bloomington Police have said they are also dealing with multiple car break-in reports, mostly on the east-side of town near McGraw Park.

Public Information Officer Brandt Parsley said video doorbells are a useful tool for detectives on the case.

“We’ve gotten lots of leads and photographs of suspects that we would have never would have gotten if it wasn’t for the ring cameras,” Parsley said.

Both Parsley and Williamson said residents should always lock their vehicles, park in a garage (or well lit space for people without garages) and never leave valuables in vehicles. Parsley said thieves are looking for a quick and easy target.

“Almost always you see the ones where they don’t get in the car, check the door and if it’s locked go right across the street to the next one and go all the way down until they get in one that’s unlocked,” Parsley said.

If anyone has information about the crimes in Le Roy, they’re asked to call the police department at 309-962-3310.

Bloomington Police can be reached at (309) 820-8888.