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MORTON, Ill. (WMBD) — Most days, you’ll find Miranda Troyer cooking in the kitchen.

“I love the ability to be able to bless somebody else with the gift that I have,” Troyer said.

She opened her Morton bakery called Miranda’s Cakes and Confections in August. It is now her second home and it’s a little closer to home. Troyer bakes her treats in her renovated garage that is now an industrial kitchen. Instead of a storefront, the at-home bakery idea came from a friend in the local baking business.

“She said I know that this [storefront] is your dream, but I guarantee you this [at-home bakery] is what’s better for your family. Because you can follow your dream, you can you know continue your career and you can really shine and it can be in your own home,” said Troyer.

Troyer first found her passion for culinary creations through a high school culinary arts program.

“…I got to decorating some cakes and then I realized ‘Hey I’m really good at that!’”

miranda troyer

From there, life took a fast track. Troyer continued her culinary studies in college, winning awards and ultimately joining the Army in 2006. During a 15-month deployment to Iraq, she met her now-husband, Daniel. Married, back in the states and one baby later, Troyer got a life-changing apprenticeship offer by way of the U.S. Army Culinary Arts Team (USACAT).

“The USACAT team is a six-person culinary arts team for— that represents the entire United States military—so the five branches of the military. And at that point you know we had decided that you know I wanted to be home with the baby,” she said.

Troyer decided to leave the Army to be with her three children and to avoid the possibility of herself and her husband being deployed at the same time.

“I had to put my career on the back burner so that he could you know do—take care of his career and make sure that our family was taken care of financially, and now, you know, I get to actually shine and he is so excited,” said Troyer.

Now that she opened her at-home bakery, Troyer is coming full circle with the full support of her loved ones.

“I love that I have something that I’m good at that I can use to bless others. It’s a treasure,” she said.

Information on Miranda’s Cakes and Confections can be found here.

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