As Facebook moves to shut down facial recognition, online security experts emphasize internet safety

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PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — Meta, the new parent company of Facebook, announced Nov. 2 its facial recognition system will be shut down.

The Vice President of Artificial Intelligence stated in a blog post the technology will be shut down and facial templates deleted in the coming weeks.

“There are many concerns about the place of facial recognition technology in society,” the post stated.

The Director of Information Security at Bradley University, David Scuffham, says the technology was originally used to help auto-tag people in photos. But, he said, there were many privacy concerns.

The Chief Information Officer at Bradley, Zach Gorman, agrees. He said the technology is still in its infancy, and consumers should be careful. He said while users don’t have to be afraid to use social media, they should be aware where the information they post can end up.

“We didn’t necessarily always know where that information was going to be stored, who was actually going to see it, who would have access to it over the long haul. Facebook, while I don’t want to throw them under, is well known– it’s been publicized– that they’ve had a number of different data breaches. And so, that information gets out there and can be used in somewhat nefarious ways perhaps.”

He said it’s important not to trade your information and security for online convenience.

And Scuffham said to keep as much information private as possible.

“Part of it is just owning your digital profile. Understanding what you want to post, how information gets shared, how that information could potentially be misused or abused,” he said.

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