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It’s common in the new year to set a resolution as a goal, but many find it hard to keep up with those goals and eventually give up. Dr. Brian Curtis from OSF Healthcare shares some tips on how to stick with it:

  1. Start small and specific
    • Small attainable goals
    • Be specific
    • Time throughout the year
    • If you have failed on prior goals do not keep choosing the same goal, get more specific and attainable
    • Exercise example start with 1-2 days a week and stage to your goal of 4-5 days a week over the year with a specific goal of running a 5k not a marathon
  2. Focus on one behavior at a time and limit the number
    • Focus on behaviors and stage over the year
    • Start with sleep, then exercise, then diet
    • Limiting the number will help with the feeling of being overwhelmed
  3. Expect failure
    • Perfection is unattainable and drop-offs are normal
    • Be kind to yourself and just get back on track
    • Have a plan going in for these times that will occur and how you will get back on track
    • Ate a brownie, missed few days of exercise
  4. Enlist support
    • Get a partner
    • Tell people about your goal for motivation support
    • Professional help is not a defeat, they can give you tactics to understand and deal with behaviors
    • Make a list of why you are doing this and keep it front and center
    • Keep a resolution journal to keep you motivated and what behaviors are derailing your efforts, so these can be identified
  5. Remember to keep it fun

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