OTTAWA, Ill. (WMBD) — Could the man that is known as the “Starved Rock Killer” have his name cleared? That’s the hope of his attorney after he revealed new DNA testing evidence, Monday afternoon.

After initially confessing to murdering three women at Starved Rock State park in 1960, Chester Weger who was convicted of the crime has since maintained he didn’t commit the killings.

“Chester Weger had nothing to do with the Starved Rock Murders,” said Andy Hale, Chester Weger’s attorney.

Monday, in front of a packed courtroom, Weger’s attorney Andy Hale revealed that new DNA testing shows a piece of hair found on the glove of one of the victims, Frances Murphy, does not match Weger.

“It’s huge forensic evidence that exonerates this man, this hair on the glove of Ms. Murphy,” Hale said.

The hair sample that was found is instead linked to an unidentified man. Attorneys are hoping to submit the DNA to a database to help determine whose hair it is.

Weger, who has been released on parole since February 2020, reacted to the findings following the court hearing.

“It’s wonderful, it’s really wonderful,” Weger said.

Hale said the hair DNA testing adds to evidence that he feels proves Weger’s innocence, including a conversation heard by a phone operator that was detailed in a police report.

“Where an operator overheard two men talking about the crime. The kid’s got the bloody overalls in the trunk of a car, he’s wondering what to do with them, he says get rid of them,” Hale said.

He also pushed back on claims that the hair found at the scene is “irrelevant”.

“People are going to want to change the narrative, oh maybe it was somebody that Chester Weger did the crime with. Ok now we’re going to keep moving the goal posts, now we’re going to change the story,” Hale said.

He added that what happened in the courtroom on Monday is a step in the right direction, but they will continue to fight for Weger’s exoneration.

“We’re not done yet. We’ll be done when the conviction is vacated,” Hale said.

Hale said the Will County State’s Attorney’s Office has the power to vacate the conviction and he plans to meet with them on that topic.