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Auto experts debunk myths about car safety during frigid temperatures

PEORIA, Ill - Inspect your windshields thoroughly. Record shattering temperatures, could transform your windshield from what starts as a small crack to a major crack.

“People get a rock chip and they don't do anything to fix it right away,” said Mark Bryant.

The small chip could grow into a larger issue literally.

“You get really bitter cold temperatures on the outside of the car and you crank the heat up the defroster,” added Bryant. “The glass tries to expand and detract at the same time, that runs that crack all the way across the windshield.”

It’s a common practice for many people to allow their car to warm up before driving off.

“I just thought it was the best thing to do instead of just getting in and taking off,” said Sarah Nitz. “I’ve heard it’s better for your engine if you let it warm up before you drive off.”

Experts say the claims of warming up your car being better for it are inaccurate.

“In another words as you start your car and keep driving it’ll warm up much faster that way,” said Brett Beachler of Beacher Automotive.

Many would assume starting your car and driving off would damage it, but Beachler says that not true.

“It’s just like us," added Beachler. "If you're going to do warm up, sitting there and standing out in the cold its better for us to move, it's the same thing with the car.”

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