Imagine living in a world where cars drive themselves. That dream could be a reality in the next couple of years.

AutonoumouStuff, a Morton based company, debuted their automated driving research vehicle in 

Downtown Peoria Monday. 

The goal is to get automated vehicles on the road sooner. 

Bobby Hambrick, founder, and CEO of AutonomouStuff says these vehicles will reduce traffic and fatalities on the road.

“The majority of all traffic accidents and fatalities are related to distracted driving and these automated driving research vehicles see 360 degrees all the time in every direction they never blink an eye, and they are never distracted,” Hambrick says. 

Mayor Jim Ardis said he’s happy that Hambrick made the decision to bring the company here. 

“He could have taken this company anywhere, he made the very focused effort to keep his company here, and we’re going to work really hard to make him proud that he made that decision,” Mayor Ardis said. 

The vehicle was stationary, but in the next few weeks, it will drive in a loop through Downtown Peoria to gather data and test software.