HANNA CITY, Ill. (WMBD) — Spring means babies in the animal kingdom, and bison are no different.

Wildlife Prairie Park has welcomed eight baby bison since early April, with more on the way. Baby bison are a reddish-brown color and are often called “red dogs.”

Brielle Haile, the lead animal keeper at Wildlife Prairie Park, said bison carry their babies for nine months, just like humans and cows. Baby bison weigh in at 35 to 40 lbs.

She said they never know how many babies they will get because it’s hard to tell when bison are pregnant. There were 15 babies last year.

“We don’t know which bison are pregnant until they have their babies. We can kind of tell by how big they get, but other than that, it’s a surprise, and it’s exciting … we go out every day to check on the herds, get eyes on everyone make sure they’re good. And so some days we might go out, and we think we have four babies then we count eight, so it’s really exciting, kind of wait and see how many we have,” she said.

Haile said they usually give the babies to other conservation programs and zoos in order to maintain proper genetics. They kept four babies from last year, for a total number of 28 bison at the park.

The park is also home to a white bison family.