BLOOMINGTON, Ill. (WMBD) — The baby formula supply in McLean County seems to be heading in the right direction.

The county health department said WIC users are still unable to find some brands of formulas, specifically powdered formulas, but aren’t hearing users being unable to find any alternatives.

Marianne Manko, the public affairs coordinator at the health department, said if a store is out of someone’s preferred brand, the county’s WIC team can help find an alternative.

“In Illinois WIC participants are eligible to receive Enfamil powdered or the liquid concentrate form using their benefits. So when that issue brand became difficult for them to find some of those WIC participants were able to use those benefits for a different more readily available brand,” Manko said.

Manko said it all started after a recall of Similac powder formulas in February. Abbott, one of the largest producers of powdered formulas also closed one of its plants at that time. The shortage of those formulas consequently led to shortages of other brands.

Manko said since Operation Fly Formula, the issue has subsided a bit.

“Since then, some of those participants have even switched back to their original baby formula which tell us here, at least in McLean county, that issue might be easing a little bit,” Manko said.

Manko said an alternative to formula is breastfeeding and the health department can also assist in latching tips.