PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — An ongoing baby formula shortage has Central Illinois parents on the hunt just to feed their newborns. It’s a scary reality for many local families.

Ongoing supply disruptions, combined with a recent safety recall, leave many pharmacy and supermarket shelves without baby formula.

“We’ve switched to like three different formulas because of the shortage. They ran out of one, so we would switch to another, and then they’d run out of that, so we’d switch to another,” said new East Peoria mother Morgan Vicary.

Vicary is a new mother who said the shortage is one she hopes does not last long. “When we have to use formula and it’s not available, it’s very scary,” said Vicary.

Target, Walmart, Hyvee, Schnuck’s, and Kroger in Peoria all carried baby formula, some limiting the number you can buy, but all without much to spare. Even when there was formula available, prices were staggering.

Vicary said, “When you can find formula locally, it’s up-priced, so formulas that we would spend $39 on is close to $50 now.”

The Biden administration held a press event early Thursday and they said they are working to get the shortage straightened out.

“By working with a range of manufacturers and what their capacity is to ensure that the kinds of formula that is, was recalled is where they’re able to help ensure it’s on the shelves,” said White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki.

But Central Illinois parents are still having a difficult time finding the formula they need.

“I just hope that, you know, the longer this goes, I hope we can find a solution and I hope, you know, moms locally and everywhere don’t have to worry about the shelves being empty anymore,” said Vicary.

While there is no solution just yet, the company Abbott, who had to recall their baby formula, said it could take two weeks for the FDA to reapprove their formula, but another six weeks until baby formula shelves are full.