PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — The Peoria County Election Commission is getting an all-new voting system.

The county approved the project funding in January. The new system will have paper ballots instead of the electronic system. There will still be a ballot marking device with accessibility features.

The Executive Director of the Peoria County Election Commission said the new equipment is an upgrade from the previous system, bought in 2006.

“So the biggest transition will be for the election judges. The voters will be different because they’re used to voting electronically when they voted early or on election day,” Bride said. “But the nice thing is, we’re going back to paper, and it shouldn’t take very long for people to understand, ‘oh yeah, I’m filling in a box.’”

Bride said Wednesday will be the kickoff meeting, but he also said there will be community outreach efforts this spring to get voters acclimated to the new system.