“Bad pumpkin” won’t ruin local stand from merit-based system

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A local pumpkin stand has fallen victim to greedy hands but the owners say, they aren’t going to let one bad “pumpkin” ruin it for everyone. 

Zaiser Pumpkin Farm in Washington found their money box broken into Wednesday night. 

“It’s sad that it happened, but there’s so many good people too, that are so honest when they come out here,” said Dari Zaiser, stand co-owner. “I said, we can’t let one or two bad choices that somebody made, ruin it for everybody.”

The stand operates on a merit system, so when you want a pumpkin, you pay for it by leaving the money in the box. 

The family’s three young boys work to keep the stand well stocked and those funds were being saved for a college fund for them.

“It was about having a way for our boys to be apart of working towards them putting money in their college fund and you know, just helping to teach about doing the right thing and working hard and having things to show for it,” said Zaiser. “So it was hard to know that all that hard work was just taken from us.”

An investigation is in progress, but the owners say if you did write a check, you may want to call your bank and report it.

This may also help nail down the thieves. 

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