ILLINOIS, (WMBD) — This afternoon’s Texas shooting sparked discussion about gun control and crime at tonight’s Republican Party Gubernatorial Primary Debate.

Three Republicans took to the podium with hopes to unseat Governor Pritzker. During the debate, candidates Darren Bailey, Gary Rabine, and Jesse Sullivan all mentioned the tragedy in Texas but focused on Illinois.

Their answers tied into current issues that many Illinoisans are concerned about, how to keep Illinois safe, defunding the police, and gun laws in the state.

Here is what the candidates said when asked, What specifically can you do to keep Illinois cities safe?

“We need more police, not less police, we need to hold our police accountable. Are there bad police out there that make mistakes and do things, they shouldn’t do? Passionate people do a great job, there’s the police that is maybe not passionate about their jobs and needs to be removed,” said Gary Rabine.

“Constantly what I see in the crime side is a lack of enforcement and a lack of support in the police. There is a war on police in the state of Illinois,” said Jesse Sullivan.

“Well we have to partner with the church we have to partner with civic groups and the last three years I have been sounding the alarms for that as the state legislator,” said Darren Bailey.

Another topic of discussion was Roe vs. Wade. All candidates stated that they are pro-life, meaning they oppose abortions. Here is what the candidates said when asked, What taxpayer-funded programs would you support to make abortion unnecessary?

“I am never going to apologize for my faith, and I am always going to fight for life here in the state of Illinois. We have to pull back from these extremes, late-term partial abortions, taxpayer-funded with no parental notification that’s 13-14-year-olds getting an abortion,” said Jesse Sullivan.

“I’m pro-life, and I’m very pro-adoption. I believe that we funded very often ultrasound machines. I’m confident that when a young lady gets an ultrasound, the odds are over 80 percent that she won’t get that abortion,” said Garry Rabine.

“Make adoption easier that’s how we do that, it can be done. Nobody likes paying for abortions, taxpayer-funded abortions for 50,000 abortions… that’s a day one agenda, that’s got to go,” said Darren Bailey.

The follow-up question to this was, “In what case do you think abortion should be legal?”

Candidates answered saying rape and incest.

The debate lasted one hour and each candidate had 30 seconds to a minute to respond to questions.