BLOOMINGTON, Ill (WMBD) — Jumping bail to avoid a trial didn’t help a Normal man accused of murder as the judge decided to hold the trial anyway, just without him.

Michael Bakana, 44, didn’t show up for his trial on Monday in McLean County Circuit Court and officials said he’s cut on his GPS bracelet which was to monitor his location. Someone tried to call him but he didn’t answer and the judge decided to hold off a day to see if Bakana would show.

He didn’t, and now the case is moving forward “in absentia,” legal jargon for without a defendant, per Judge JC Costigan’s decision on Tuesday. Defendants are often warned that could happen but it very rarely does.

The defense motioned prior to and after jury questioning to move the location of the trial due to people possibly already forming an opinion based on media coverage but was denied both times.

Bakana has been accused of first-degree murder and aggravated battery in relation to the January 2021 killing of 22-year-old Mariah Petracca outside Daddios, a bar in Downtown Bloomington.

As of Tuesday afternoon, jury selection was underway. If convicted, he faces at least 20 and possibly up to 60 years in prison. Additional charges relating to him not appearing in court could also be filed.

The trial and presentations are expected to start Wednesday morning.