PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — Six loose pigs found by Bartonville Police on Sunday and Monday could be up for adoption as soon as Friday.

The pigs are temporarily housed at Peoria County Animal Protection Services. Their owner, if there is one, has three days to claim them.

“And then after three days, it’s open for adoption. We have had some interest in them and we’re working with some people that have come forward early,” said PCAPS Director Becky Spencer.

Spencer said it’s not clear whether the pigs were kept as pets.

“It’s hard to tell, very hard to tell, and they seem to be lacking some of the social skills that we see in normal pet pigs… When you shake up a food bowl for a pig that is used to human interaction, they come running for that and they’re more social, more outgoing and they seek interaction with people and these guys are a little bit more fearful,” she said.

She said the pigs would likely fare best at a farm instead of a home.

“Probably a farm environment would be the best for these guys where they have, you know, lots of freedom and food and freedom to do big things,” she said.

Spencer said taking in the pigs was a surprise, but not shocking.

“It’s definitely not a first for our department and we respond to all calls for service regarding any animals and so we do see our share of farm animals and even wildlife here at animal control,” she said.

In the past, PCAPS has taken in goats, chickens and even an alligator.