A piece of Bartonville history is being torn down. The Bowen Building, the site of the administrative portion of the old state hospital, began its final stage of demolition Monday.

The building is being taken down piece by piece to preserve the limestone, but the mayor says he expects it to be completely torn down by September.

The building is over 100-years-old. The state closed the hospital in 1972. Several developers have tried to re-purpose the old building into office space and even a destination hotel, but nothing ever materialized.

It has been owned by several private owners, but since it sat empty and hasn’t been maintained for several decades, the list of repairs and cost of restoring it have grown.

For now, ownership will go back into the hands of the village and it will be green space until it’s sold.

“The village could sell as an industrial part of the TIF district, sell it to another developer, or put another building up, or it could just stay green space.” Mayor of Bartonville, Leon Ricca, said.