Basement flooding a problem after recent snow melt

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After a few days of snow melting, many basements across Central Illinois have been flooded.

In the last two days, Servpro says more than 30 basements had to be cleared of standing flood water. Crews have been going into homes, extracting the water, and then placing a fan to dry out the room. They explain how the flood water can easily make it into your basement.

“So, with it being so cold lately, there’s really nowhere for the water to go once it does thaw out. so, what it’s gonna do, is the water is gonna find the quickest place where it can go, and a lot of times, it’s gonna go right into someone’s basement,” said Mark Eldredge, Sales and Marketing Representative with Servpro.

To avoid basement flooding, experts recommend cleaning out your gutters and downspouts and keeping your home heated. You can also make sure the flood water has a path that leads away from your home, such as structuring landscaping to prevent unwanted water from coming into your home and basement. The exterior of your basement could collect cracks in the foundation and needs to be inspected before a flooding event occurs. Repairing any cracks or soft spots could make a difference between a flooded basement and keeping your belongings dry. Another good tip is to use window well covers, this ammenity helps waterproof your windows.

If you find yourself having to do the repairs yourself, make sure all electrical appliances are unplugged from the wall to avoid electrocution. 

These tips were gathered from Angie’s List, which can be read here.

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