Bat season on its way, here is what you need to know

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PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — Bats are out and about and there are a few things Central Illinoisans should know ahead of the season.

Bat maternity season takes place from mid-April to early June and ends in mid to late August. As a result, the bat population will rise in the next few months.

There are 13 different species of bats in Illinois and each of them need insects to survive.

Bats around the world are useful for a few reasons:

  • Their guano, or stool, can be used as compost to revitalize soil
  • Bats pollenate trees, plants, and crops
  • They eat up to 8,000 mosquitos and bugs per day

Calli Dicks, the lead animal keeper at Wildlife Prairie Park, said, “The females have their young in June, so you’ll probably see them trying to find safe places for their young when they’re going out to find insects at night.”

This means they will find ways to keep warm, specifically in attics. Since bats are a protected species due to the properties that they hold, it is illegal to harm or kill them.

If found in the home, call animal control.

If animal control does not respond, experts recommend carefully bringing it outside while wearing thick gloves, using a box to capture it.

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