BBB warns people of Ship2Fast work scam

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BLOOMINGTON, Ill. — The Better Business Bureau is warning people of a “work at home” business scam, claiming to be in Bloomington.

The company’s name is Ship2Fast, which recruits people to do gift wrapping and re- packaging. People are offered $2,500 a month. The company promises to reimburse shipping costs and a paycheck but the victims never get the payment.

Jessica Tharp, CEO of the Better Business Bureau of Central Illinois said this scam can be only part of a larger scale one, where victims are used as scapegoats.

“The number of opportunities claiming to work at home are endless. So if you’re interested in something like that, you’ve got to do your homework. You’ve got to investigate the company. Who are they really? Where are they located and then go beyond that and verify,” said Tharp, “You can check with neighboring businesses and say ‘hey have you heard of this company? They claim to be across the street from you.'”

“They’d be willing to tell you if that’s true or not,” Tharp continued. “Of course, basic Google searches can give you a whole lot of information. You’ll find if there’s a trend of people who have had trouble getting their wages.”

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