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Best Buddies is raising awareness of their non-profit with yoga, buddies and brews

PEORIA - A Peoria non-profit is hosting an event to raise awareness about a cause helping people with disabilities.

Yoga helps your strength, flexibility and stress, but now it's helping raise awareness for Peoria's chapter of Best Buddies.

Michael Madanat is a board member for Best Buddies. He says, "Best Buddies is a non-profit organization that helps kids and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities."

Their mission is to partner kids with disabilities with other kids who don't have disabilities to create friendships that can last a lifetime through programs at local schools.

Madanat says, "So we do one to one friendships, integrated employment and leadership development."

Since they're a newer non-profit, they need some help raising money. "Right now for the Peoria area it's more important to just raise awareness, because it's really hard to get people to donate money to a cause that they're not really familiar with," says Madanat.

That's where the yoga buddies and brew comes in. Madanat and his team are hoping to educate people on their cause with some fun.

For instructor Micheline Maloof, donating a free yoga lesson to the event was a no brainer. She is the owner of Sculpt Mode in Peoria, and she says, "I'm happy to provide yoga. Its 45 minutes of my time, are you kidding me? It's nothing, like I love being able to reach out to new people and tell them about this cause. Best Buddies is the best there is. It is a fantastic group of people."

Best Buddies hopes that one day, they won't need these programs.

Madanat says, "Really like the goal of Best Buddies is so that one day we would cease to exist, like we won't even need to be around because everything will be done already."

If you would like to donate to Best Buddies of Peoria, you can do so by clicking the link here.

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