BARTONVILLE, ILL. (WMBD)– Do or doughnut, there is no try. June 2 has been National Doughnut Day since the 1930’s and Big Mike’s Donuts & Coffee in Bartonville is celebrating with special deals to celebrate.

The owner said Fridays are usually their busy day, but because of Doughnut Day, they ran out of product that much faster.

Any purchase made at Big Mike’s comes with a free doughnut. The owner, Andrea Vincent, believes it’s the quality itself that is the secret.

“I mean, I think our doughnuts are special because we make them fresh every day, so I’m actually not a big doughnut person, but I end up eating one almost every time here.”

She continued, “We knew it was something in town that we needed in this area so, we went for it. Our kids love dougnuts, and Mike and I both love coffee so that’s kinda where we decided we needed it here and did it.”

Big Mike’s is open seven days a week from 6 a.m. until noon.