PEORIA, Ill. — The second annual Big Picture Festival took over the Warehouse District on Saturday, filling the streets with art.

The festival inspired hundreds of art lovers in Peoria.

“Anyone can appreciate the arts,” said Meredith Popp, a visual arts instructor at Peoria High School.

The festival encourages people of all ages to get involved in art.

“There’s so much art talent here in Peoria, it’s just nice to be here, and working with people who are very much a part of it, and very much enjoying it,” said Kayla Harvey, who was participating in mural competition.

From murals to spray paint to chalk, all types of mediums make up Peoria’s art scene.

“I feel like Peoria’s really a heart, like gem, of talent, of all sorts of arts,” said Harvey.

And Big Picture lets people experience it all.

“The hodge-podge of people, all the cultures, all the cool different, little types of art,” said Steve Parnell, a festival-goer.

Student artists even get a chance to showcase their own work.

“It’s a big deal. To see people stop, and appreciate the work that they do,” said Popp.

The festival has a positive impact for young artists, encouraging them to continue to do the things they love.

“It’s incorporating all the younger people, it’s trying to get the youth involved,” said Parnell.

They hope the festival continues for years to come, so everyone has a chance to experience art.

“It’s a great way to see all the different ways that you can find and express yourself, and see all the great, talented artists that we have in Peoria,” said Popp.