PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — The Peoria Fire department is now better equipped to handle emergencies involving dangerous liquids.

On Wednesday, BioUrja donated five proximity suits to local firefighters, made of a special aluminized outer material.

They will allow crews to get closer to fires created by flammable liquids and can handle temperatures of around 2,000 degrees. Typical firefighting gear can withstand about 1,200 degrees.

Fire officials said the new equipment will help when working with materials such as ethanol, which BioUrja produces.

“When you have a fire involving a chemical such as that, then it obviously can put out some very high temperatures and it takes some strategic work to be able to fight a fire of that nature. Now, having these suits, we’ll be able to mitigate that in a much more efficient and safer way,” said Nate Rice, Division Chief of Fire Prevention for the Peoria Fire Department.

Mark Reznik, the plant manager for BioUrja, said if the plant needs the fire department, they want to make sure they have the proper equipment.

The donation has been in the works since December and is not related to the grain silo explosion at BioUrja in May.

“Obviously we’re an ethanol plant, we do have highly flammable liquids on site. So, as a company, we felt it was a good synergy. All this was in place before the incident that occurred in May but just kind of highlights why we were doing it, right, you never know what’s going to happen,” Reznik said.

Interim Chief Shawn Sollberger also said BioUrja’s gratitude has been reflected by paying the bill related to that incident. According to Sollberger, that number is around $100,000.