PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — After a U.S. advisory panel endorsed widespread use of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine Thursday, top doctors say it could be a week or even days before the vaccines roll out, but some people said they aren’t eager to get in line for a shot.

“I’m like 99% sure that I’m not going to get it,” Everley Davis of Peoria said.

Davis is one of thousands of Black Americans who said they will pass on the coronavirus vaccine.

“I was raised that way, don’t take anything,” she said. “Money, medicine, anything from a system that wasn’t meant to help you, so I think I was raised to be very self sufficient because of that I think a lot of it comes because I’m black.”

Historically we have been left behind, stepped on stepped on. Talked about mistreated, from the genesis of being brought over to this country [COVID-19] we were already in disparity before the coronavirus hit.

Pastor Marvin Hightower, NAACP Peoria Branch

Pastor Hightower said Black people have every right to be concerned.

Now, and other members of the NAACP Peoria Branch are working to minimize uncertainty in Black communities.

The organization is efforting a virtual education session.

“Representation matters, particularly right now and that involves getting Black and brown faces out in front of this, speaking in terms that we identify with, that we relate too,” NAACP Peoria Branch Health Committee Chair Chris Wade said.

Wade said the session will be a panel led by people of color in the medical industry.

Adding, it will be a culturally responsive approach to sharing the importance of the vaccine, while fielding fears and debunking myths.

“…To speak culturally to the population hopefully also designing some messages and some campaigns with some folks locally that people identify with and can relate to,” Wade said.

Davis is still standing by her decision, but agrees vaccine education from people the Black community trusts could get them off the fence,

Wade said the virtual education session about COVID-19 vaccines will likely happen in January of 2021.

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