BLM Blo-No is helping bail out loved ones for the holidays

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With Christmas around the corner, Black Lives Matter in Bloomington-Normal is trying to help families reunite for the holidays.

Holiday Bailout is a program where BLM Blono looks to reunite someone who is in the McLean County Jail with their family for the upcoming holiday.

Leaders say its a great way to help families in our community while raising awareness around what they call, the harmful cash bail system.

BLM first put on the event in May by helping a mother bail herself to spend time with her daughter just in time for Mother’s Day.

“She was so emotional,” said Olivia Butts, member of the Black Lives Matter Leadership Table. “She was crying and thanking us, she also got to spend her daughter’s first birthday with her which she would’ve missed just due to not being able to pay her bail.”

Organizers say despite the negative connotation associated with bailing someone out, the people in the jail are innocent until proven guilty.

“People feel like its kind of an odd thing or its hard to get over the concept of bailing someone out but what I like to remind people is that if people had the money they would already be bailed out,” said Butts. “This isn’t a public safety threat, this has to do with wealth.”

BLM currently has a link to their gofundme for the Holiday Bailout that they want you to check out, they say they will match community donations up to $1,000! 

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