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Bloomington city manager candidates discuss plans at City Hall

BLOOMINGTON, Ill. - The finalists held a meet and greet for the public and press today. City residents gathered at City Hall and listened to what the the three candidates had to say. They talked about improving city infrastructure, building relationships and their plans if they were to be elected by the council.

"I think its important that the city do everything they can to invest in its people," said Jim Culotta current Washington City Manager and Bloomington City Manager candidate. "Part of that is developing a strong entrepreneurial type of culture. There are things that the city can do to help foster that type of a culture."

"While there is value in the history of how we got to where we are today," said Decatur City Manager and Bloomington City Manager candidate Tim Gleason. "Today is a new day and new opportunity for us to try to create new opportunities in the city.

"When being asked, what is my first priority, I actually think that i have three first priorities," said Steve Rasmussen, Interim City Manager and current candidate. "I like to focus on three important issues, downtown, infrastructure and long term financial stability. Those are critical functions that we need to address right away."

The candidates all stated no matter who won they would allow the other two to stay on the committee and help the city going forward. The council has not yet put a timetable on when they will announce the new manager. 



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