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Bloomington city staff opens long anticipated park

BLOOMINGTON, Ill. - Friday, Bloomington leaders gathered to celebrate the grand opening of a new park on the west side of town.

After being delayed several times, city staff were finally able to open Woodbury Park on the 16.6 acres south of West Miller Street, north of Butchers Lane and Goose Creek, and west of Hinshaw Avenue.

The $75,000 park was made possible thanks to a federal grant made by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Residents who attended the opening ceremony say the 39th Bloomington park is exactly what the neighborhood.

"I was here last Saturday to make sure people knew we were doing this today," said Bloomington Alderwoman Karen Schmidt. "I talked to a number of children who are really excited and I think parents and families in general are happy to have this as a gathering space."

The park is located inside of Schmidt's Ward. Even though the grand opening happened she says staff is looking into adding a nature trail to the park in the near future.

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