BLOOMINGTON, Ill. (WMBD) — The Bloomington Police Department has a mostly positive rapport with the community, according to its community survey results released Sunday afternoon.

The department implemented a survey for Bloomington community members to provide feedback after calling the police for assistance. The survey was sent to those who received assistance from Bloomington police within 72 hours of the original call.

BPD said there were 497 surveys distributed, but only 72 community members, or 14% of the recipients, responded to the survey.

They hope to attain better data from the next set of surveys, but are still proud of the data in the first bunch of surveys.

“I am thankful for the feedback from the community about your police department,” Chief Jamal Simington stated. “I appreciate the professional efforts our dispatchers, community service officers, and police officers display on a daily basis. I welcome a higher participation and more feedback from those we have served, so we can better measure areas we can improve.”

Some of the highlights from the surveys are as follows, according to the BPD:

  • 75% had a positive view of BPD.
  • 14% had a neutral view of BPD.
  • 11% had a negative view of BPD.
  • 84% felt they were treated fairly and with respect.
  • 87% felt they received the help they needed.
  • 77% felt they had their questions answered.
  • 57% wanted to see an increased patrol car visibility in order to increase safety in the community.

BPD said the survey showed that the top four safety concerns of the community members were gun violence (33%), theft (13%), personal attacks (12%), and drug sales (12%).