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Bloomington council hears brick road, city parks master plans

The master plans are meant to function as a guide over the next several years.

BLOOMINGTON, Ill. - Bloomington is looking into two new master plans.

The Brick Road Master Plan looks at how the city plans to repair and maintain its more than three miles of brick roads.

Advocates say brick roads add to the city's historical value and last much longer than asphalt, which makes the higher price tag worth it. This draft of the plan includes a 10-year spending plan, which recommends spending at least $100,000 each year. There is no dedicated funding source for the repairs.

Council members say they're interested in supporting the plan, but haven't decided on whether or not to include the funding plan. Alderwoman Amelia Buragas says it could be helpful to see expected benchmarks.

Alderman David Sage says he wants to see the brick road repairs in the context of the city's entire street plan. He says it could help pinpoint where the funding is most necessary.

The Parks and Recreation Department is also working on a master plan.

A consulting group has been conducting surveys and focus groups for several months. So far, they've found that most people are satisfied with the city's parks. The team says most facilities are well maintained, but could use upgrades. They company is also looking into ways to make parks for accessible for everyone.

The council has asked the group to show them the demographic breakdowns of their surveys.

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