Bloomington crews work throughout night to clear neighborhood streets of snow

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BLOOMINGTON, Ill. (WMBD) — Road crews were continuing to clear several inches of snow from highways and roads Tuesday night.

Crews with Bloomington Public Works were turning their attention to neighborhood streets and side streets. On Monday night and into the morning, crews spent most of the time clearing main roads and overpassses.

Public Works Director for the City of Bloomington Kevin Kothe said more than 20 trucks would be working throughout the night.

It takes about a day to clear the city’s 24 snow routes throughout residential areas, he said.

“It is a process, (and) it takes time, (but) we’ll get there,” Kothe said. “People have to be patient. We can’t be everywhere at once. We’ve only got so much equipment and so many people to run the equipment.”

Kothe said most of the work being done is plowing snow and not much salt is being used due to the amount of snow recieved.

“We usually have two plows working together in neighborhood streets, even in the arterials as well. (We’re) just pushing all the snow back to the curb as best we can,” Kothe said.

Kothe said drivers should remain vigilant as roads can still be slick and urged the public to be patient as crews worked throughout Tuesday night.

“People need to be cautious still and when our trucks are working in an area, don’t pull up right behind them because those drivers are doing the best they can to navigate, but they may not see a small car if you come up too close. So, give them some room to work,” Kothe said.

Check the status of snow removal in your neighborhood here.

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